The Kirby Mill

All members have access to the extensive resources that are currently available.  Each "shop" or "area" is equipped with not only the primary equipment and capabilities noted on the lists below, but also substantial "support" and additional, tools, machinery, and equipment simply too numerous to list.  A visit to the site will help to better understand the magnitude of the overall capabilities available.

All members utilizing the shared shop facilities will be provided with dedicated shop floor space including a work bench and shelves. Additional space is also available.

Shared Shops for all to use


  • Machine shop including; CNC and conventional machining, Mills, Lathes, Surface Grinders, Drill presses, band saws (vertical and horizontal), extensive tooling including rotary tables, chucks, collets, presses, vibratory finishing, bench grinders, vices, etc., etc., etc.,

  • Sheet Metal Shop including; Shears (up to 1/4 in x 6 ft), brakes (hand and mechanical), Rotax punch, pneumatic shears, nibblers, hand tools, etc., etc.,etc.,

  • Welding and Fabrication shop including; MIG, TIG, Stick, Gas and Spot welders.  Cutting torches, large and small welding tables, clamps, grinders (misc), magnetic base drill,  rollers, chop saw, benches, vices, etc., etc.

  • Packaging and Shipping including; Foam in place, band strapping, weigh scales, tape dispensing, etc.

  • Material Handling including; Fork lift, engine hoists, hand pallet jacks, hand trucks, wheeled carts, etc.

  • Infrastructure including; Shop air at all work stations, 3 phase high voltage power, benches, storage and inventory locations, safety and cleaning materials, waste removal, raw material inventory, etc.

  • Assembly Areas; open floor, work bench space.  Specific dedicated floor or bench space available.


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