The Kirby Mill

Where entrepreneurs with diverse pursuits share common resources with the mutual goal of building successful businesses

Sample Projects:

The attached pictures are examples of a few of the projects accomplished at the Kirby Mill with the resources that are available to you.  The actual number of projects completed over the past 18 years is many hundred (maybe thousands - too many to count).  The attached pictures have been selected to demonstrate some of the facilities capabilities, but in no way display the full capability.

Plastic Explosives processing for the United Sates Navy

RFID Chip insertion into medical devices

One of hundreds of custom PLC and Computer control and Data Acquisitions systems

Recipe driven Fiber Optic Polishers

Patented Hydro Turbines

Ultra Violet Lamp with fiber optic

Sky light / PV mount system

Ultra Violet Lamp with Fiber Optic

Hydraulic Cable swaging presses

Telescoping observation towers for United States Military

Variety of automation projects on assembly floor for final debug and test

There isn't much you can't do with the resources available to you at the Kirby Mill!

Simple Routing Fixture

Pizza Souce Dispenser for major fast food chain

Production data acquisition and processing equipment

In office Hearing Aid fabrication equipment

Insect vaporization (?) system

Major Appliance manufacturing equiment

What do you need to build?

Build it at the Kirby Mill!

Production of proprietary devices (many different products)

Mechanism for robotic adhesive dispensing device

Wood bend / form machine

Point of Sale Custom Cosmetic system