The Kirby Mill

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Clean Renewable Energy Building!

The Kirby Mill Electrical System is 100% supplied by on site produced Class 1 renewable energy (Zero Emissions).  The electricity is produced by patented Hydro Turbines Engineered, Designed and Built at the Kirby Mill.


Five 100 kw turbines are located in the Mansfield Hollow Hydro power house located adjacent to the Mill and on the banks of the Natchaug river.  This is a State of the Art hydropower facility using the latest technology, and serving as a demonstration site for the patented turbines.  This power plant produces enough Class 1 renewable energy to power the Kirby Mill plus approxamatley 250 additional homes. 


Think about this -

  • If you charge your cell phone, ipad, or laptop at the Mill, it will be powered 100% by renewable energy.

  • Anything you build will be built using 100% renewable Energy.

  • All of your computer work, copies, printing and almost anything else you do at the mill will be done with on site produced, emission free, Class 1 renewable energy!