The Kirby Mill

Where entrepreneurs with diverse pursuits share common resources with the mutual goal of building successful businesses

Getting Started & How does this work?

Resources and spaces are available to individual companies on an as needed basis, and with the flexibility to adjust as you grow your enterprise.  There are essentially two options; businesses that need access to the shops, and businesses that only need office and or light electronic or other assembly that can be accomplished within the office spaces.   All uses and spaces are available either month by month, or discounted for longer term commitments.   All businesses are welcome, it's a beautiful place to be.  

Base Package with use of all shops (*single person):

  • Access to all shared shop and office space and amenities.
  • Dedicated 8 ft x 17 ft production floor space, includes work bench and shelves.
  • Dedicated desk in open desk area (optional additional desk and closed door offices available - see below). 

Base Package Office only:

  • Access to all shared office amenities, including conference rooms, kitchens, common spaces, etc.
  • Dedicated desk in open desk area (optional additional desk and closed door offices available - see below)

Additionally available:

  • Dedicated desks in open desk areas.
  • Offices, dedicated,  ranging from single to full enterprise (many options and very beautiful).
  • Additional dedicated production floor space, generally in blocks of 8 x 17 ft.
  • Additional dedicated work bench space (both shop and electronic assembly in office areas)

Please contact the Kirby Mill for current pricing of base packages and options or to get started!

*Additional charge for each person / employee using shared shop spaces.


Terms and Conditions

Member companies will be asked to sign and agree to a;  membership agreement, Terms of use, and Liability waiver form, and other documents as may be determined necessary from time to time.