The Kirby Mill

Where entrepreneurs with diverse pursuits share common resources with the mutual goal of building successful businesses

Expertise and Experience

Sam and Michelle Shifrin have founded and successfully run multiple enterprises covering a broad range of disciplines, and are the owners of the Kirby Mill.  Businesses they have founded and operated include; Engineering R&D, manufacturing, automation,  real estate, energy and others.   Being in business for more than 30 years, they have aquired vast experience in all facets of business start up through exit, down to the most minute details, and are anxious to use this to assist others.

For the past 17 years, their businesses have been primarily based at the Kirby Mill.  From the simplest  items (staplers) and processes to highly complex machines and software (CNC Mills, 3D parametric design, etc. ), The Kirby Mill is fully equipped with just about anything you could imagine needing to start and or run your business.   The Shifrins feel that these could be of great advantage to others, thus the plan to invite other businesses, start up to fully operational, to use this well equipped facility.

The availablilty of the Shifrin's expertise along with use of the facilties provides an unprecedented opportunity to launch, incubate or accelerate your business in a spectacularly beautiful location and building that is operated from on site produced renewable energy!   

Sam Shifrin

Sam possesses a strong and proven blend of business acumen and engineering prowess.  Over a 31 year period he has founded and developed multiple successful business ventures.  His passion for meeting business and technical goals has allowed him to attract talent and build and motivate excellent teams.  His experience and depth of knowledge in business development covers the full rang of disciplines necessary to assure success including; Finance, Contracts, Marketing, Sales, Engineering, Operations, Personnel, Quality Control and others.  Sam is the inventor or co-inventor of several U.S. and Foreign Patents.


Design and Engineering

Product Development

Project Management

Creative Thinking and Invention

Technical Problem Solving


Proposal Writing / development

Cost Estimating

Technical Specifications and  Documentation

3D Design (Solidoworks)


Design for Manufacturability

Fabrication and Machining Assistance

Hiring / Interviewing

And Many others!


Michelle Shifrin

Michelle is highly experienced in the financial management of entrepreneurial companies.  Although her focus throughout her more than 30 years of experience has been the meticulous control of finances, her experience includes a broad and proven range of disciplines at both a detailed knowledge and management level.  Her areas of expertise include: accounting, contracts, customer interface, human resources, purchasing, inside sales, manufacturing operations and a variety of other managerial disciplines.


Establishing Bookeeping methods

Accountant recommendations and Sourcing

Banking Recommendations & Practices

State and Federal tax ID's and registrations

State and Federal reporting requirements

Collections and invoicing methods / approach

Accounts payable management methods

Cash flow management methods

Sourcing of Materials, Parts and Supplies

Purchasing methods and practices

Patent Attorney sourcing

Business Attorney sourcing

Packing and Shipping methods

Inventory control methods

Receiving systems

And Many Others!