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3D Printing and Scanning

While evaluating 3D printing and scanning equipment with the intention of acquiring a system for use by members at the Kirby Mill, it became apparent that when it comes to the currently available technologies, "one size" does not fit all.   There are a variety of technologies each with it's pros and cons, including material options, resolution, complexity of operation / software, speed and cost.

We felt that instead of attempting to select one technology leaving members of the Kirby Mill with only one option, that it would be much better solution to have access to a variety of technologies so that the best solution can be utilized on a project by project basis.

The solution we decided on was to search out and form a partnership with a very capable supplier of 3D printing and scanning equipment and services. The selected partner is ACT3D based in Cromwell, CT (

Members will be provided a direct link to ACT3D within the Kirby Mill network that will allow for easy and quick access to a full range of 3D printing and scanning technologies pre-negotiated at a very competitive cost structure and with quick turnaround priority for members.  We strongly believe that this provides a much broader solution by providing access to a much more extensive range of 3D printing and scanning than could otherwise be made available.  We are very excited about this partnership, and are confident that you will find it significantly beneficial.