The Kirby Mill

Extensive resources are available for your use, ranging from design software and full machine shop and fabrication facilities through beautiful offices spaces.  Everything you need to design and or build prototypes through production products, including;  mechanical, electrical / electronic, software, or any combination, or to run a full business enterprise, cost affectively through extensive shared and individualized resources, are all available to you.

 The Kirby Mill electrical system is 100% powered by on site produced Green Renewable Energy generated with patented hydro turbines designed and built at the Kirby Mill.  We are located adjacent to Mansfield Hollow State Park, providing extensive recreation opportunities "right out the front door".   

Through immersion into an innovative and creative community, The Kirby Mill provides entrepreneurs, engineers, inventors and businesses with the resources, space, infrastructure, software, tools, and networking they need to bring their products from early concept stage through production, all in a productive, creative and fun environment.

Collaboration among partners is a natural outcome of the comfortable shared work spaces and includes; group problem solving, open sharing of ideas, brainstorming, creative thinking sessions, and just plain helping each other out.

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Innovation, creativity, community
Where entrepreneurs with diverse pursuits share common resources with the mutual goal of building successful businesses


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